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Getting Ready For Lombok Retreats

So you've said YES to those dreamy waves in Lombok and now you have a few questions about how we get there, how you get home, where is Lombok exactly, what should you pack, and anything you might need to know.

We always have an online group meeting well in advance before your trip to meet each other and go over our travel. However, you might forget, so I thought we should probably write this blog to help you.

Lombok is Bali's neighbour. It is between the islands of Bali and West Nusa Tenggara. Pristine beaches, untouched coastlines, mountains, culture and surf vibes. Lombok is predominately Muslim population, it feels vastly different from the Hindu-majority island of Bali.

Travel to and from LOMBOK

A 40-minute flight from Balis domestic airport or a 90-minute boat ride from Padang Bai to Sengiggi. When booking our retreats, we all start together in Bali and make our way to Lombok as a group. Depending on which retreat you book, we will either organize the flight or boat there. Flying although more expensive is quicker to get to our accommodation as it's also only a 25-minute drive. With luggage this cost around $150 AUD through Lionair.

We also come to Lombok at times with Ekajaya and recommend them as they are a bigger boat. They have a top deck and if you get seasick like me this spot is perfect. They also serve cold drinks and have fun music, so you feel like you're on an island party boat. If going by boat we travel into Sengiggi to get to our destination and you can also go to Bangsal port. Sengiggi is closer to our accommodation. It then takes a 90-minute drive. The boat cost around $65AUD

As we have sisters coming from all over the world, everyone chooses to do different things at the end of our surf retreat. Therefore, we do not include return travel in our retreats. We can assist you though including organising drivers. Watch this video to help with making your return home (shows you the website and helps you choose)


If not part of our retreat package and you require drivers, we can assist with organising drivers who we use all the time.


The accommodation we are going to do has wifi. However, if you would like to get an Indonesian sim card, I recommend doing this at Bali airport. It only takes 5 -10 minutes and you can get a decent amount of Data for $30AUD. There are many to choose from at the airport. I always go with the red and white one that is at the entrance as you are walking out. Also speak with your provider.


Most things are covered in our retreat, however, you will still need to buy your lunches as that's usually when our free time is. Food is not only delicious it is so reasonable. You won't spend over $20 AUD on a good meal. You also want money for any extra activities you might like to do, drivers outside of our schedule, or gifts. I always allow for $100AUD a day and I take that as Australian money. I also get it exchanged in Bali or Lombok as the rate is way better. The Bali airport is a good rate and this is safe. You also have deposit boxes in your room. We are staying with the best, so it is safe to travel with some cash. You will need small cash for the beach warungs. There are also atms and restaurants and shops in the main area that take cards.


This is mandatory on all of our trips. We can not recommend certain travel insurance because of liabilities, so please shop around for one that suits your activities. Please note that we do not use scooters on our retreats. If you want to travel on a scooter, make sure this is covered.


This is a personal choice, please speak with your GP. We do not travel to any remote jungles. COVID vaccinations are no longer required in Indonesia


This is something you must get when entering Indonesia. We recommend just paying for this when you arrive, it's super simple to do and costs around $50AUD. Pay with a card or Indonesian Rupiah. Bali has just introduced a new Tourism Tax, which is separate from the VOA.

WHAT TO PACK for 8 nights

How many bikinis can one fit in a suitcase? LOL

Swimwear for swimming

Swimwear for Surfing - We supply long sleeve rashies.

Day Hat

Surf Hat

Day and nightwear clothing

Nothing fancy and I recommend comfy flowy clothing


Reef Booties



Tampons (can be hard to get in Lombok)


Sunscreen (try to get reef safe)

ZINC - Especially for that butt

Hair Treatment

Pharmaceuticals such as

Panadol, Hydralite, Anti Nausea, Ginger lollies, Gastro Stop, Bandaids, Antiseptic cream, insect repellent, eye drops and anything else you personally need.

Indonesian chargers. (Xanadu have normal power points) But still bring one

Locks for suitcase

Extras you might like

Waterproof phone bag, tripod, eye pillows

I am an overpacker, however, over the years I have gotten way better as I find I honestly live in the same comfy clothes and my swimwear.


I have travelled most of the world and food in Lombok and Bali is still my favourite. Made with so much love and fresh produce. From traditional dishes to western favourites. You will be blown away with the food.

If you have dietary requirements please let us know as meals are included in our packages.


Is not a requirement. However, as a group, we all like to optionally contribute $20 AUD each at the end of our trip. This then gets split and given to drivers, surf instructors, and those who provide you with the most amazing service. We feel that a little goes along way to those outside of what they are getting paid.

Is there something I missed that you would still like to know? Comment below and I will reply with Answers. YOU ARE GOING TO BE OBSESSED WITH LOMBOK.

Love Angie x

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