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Capturing Happiness

On the 15th of April we did our 12th One Day Surf Event at the Sunshine Coast. That means our one day events have now successfully connected 240 sisters with the ocean and other women.

What a day it was. We did it in a new location so my nerves were a little high but it turned out to be one of my favourite of the events.

Our day recapped -

A beautiful sunny autumn morning. The water was glassy and the waves were perfect to learn on. We started our day with a sisters circle, where we each went around and introduced ourselves and why we had booked into the day. After this, we did some surf fitness and laughed with our fun Yoga poses. After the fun we went into mindset and I was able to do a small introduction of my latest qualifications - surf apnea on land breath work. We met our WooHOO buddy and we jumped into the surf lesson. 10 girls went into the water first with 6 coaches, whilst the others watched from the shoreline cheering them on! HONESTLY, there is nothing more powerful then a group of women coming together and cheering eachother on.

We came back to the beach and did more onland surf education and then we all hit the water together as we had the waves to ourselves. 20 sisters in the water catching waves. After sooo many yeows, wedges and standing up moments, we worked up an appetite so came back to shore. This is where we would eat delcious catered fruit and wraps made my our favourite, miss Emma.

The tunes were playing, the sun was still hot, so we chilled on the beach together connecting with our new sisters!

We couldn't do a day without our signature meditation so before the girls left we got everyone to lay in a circle where we placed essential oil cold packs over the eyes. Speaking words of love and wisdow so that everyone there would leave feeling connected, grounded, proud and honouring every part of their amazing self. We finished off with our 3 breath energy bubble, hugged and said our goodbyes!

NOW whilst this was all happening Miss BEA Taylor was capturing all of our moments on film. Bea has done a few of our events and retreats and she is a local photographer from the Sunshine Coast. Her work is amazing and I couldn't stop smiling this morning opening these.

Sisters if any of you post these photos, please make sure you tag @itsbeataylor and if you ever need a photographer make sure you reach out. I am so happy to be able to support another woman in their business.

Thank you so much to miss Ash, Justy, Rick and North Caloundra for helping me create these one day mini retreats. Our next one will be on the first weekend of spring. Tickets are available now in our SOS shop <3

Love Angie xx

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