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Our Shop & Discount Codes from our friends. 

What is it that we do?

Well apart from our surf events, we make cute Tees, Hats and Towels.

Our Tees are limited editions and are made for the streets and the gym. 

Our towels were created as being a lover of fitness, the beach and travel I needed a towel that could suit all 3. Especially when traveling overseas and surfing. I didn't want to cart around a resort towel in my bag and I didn't want a wet soggy towel in my luggage. So SOS was created. A towel that is quick-drying, super absorbent, sand-free, light weight and comes in a cute compact bag that doesn't take up much room. These towels don't only stand out with their colours, they are a game changer. 

Angie x

Founder of Sisterhood the Label

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