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SOS is life changing <3

This morning I woke up to this message from Stacey. A surf sister of October 2023. I felt this message that came out of the blue was the universes way of sending me a message  Reminding me to not be afraid to step into new chapters in 2024 as I learnt how powerful SOS was in 2023. This act of kindness of sharing this came at the right time. Angie x

SOS - Sisterhood of Surf with Stacey

Life changing, I know that may sound a little dramatic that a surf trip can have that much impact. But it truely was. I started surfing in March 23, even though I lived by the beach, I never dipped my toes into the crazy world of surfing. Serendipitously, at the wise age of 45, I was asked to join a surf lesson down at my local break. I become hooked!

Fast forward to October 23 and I was on a plane to Indonesia with a group of women who I had met only a handful of times. But just as the universe intended, this group of women, from all walks of life, age and cultural backgrounds, very quickly become my beautiful 'Sisters!' We had each others back, we looked out for each other, we were each others teachers, nurse, friend and cheer squad. We listened, we laughed, we shared, we planned, and most importantly we surfed.

I remember my first surf in Tanjung Aan, we were in the boat going out to the break, I was to surf a 9'2 hard board, I told the girls how nervous I felt and they were all in agreement. That feeling you get when you are venturing into the unknown, out of your comfort zone, striving to be better. Butterflies. Paddle, look forward, focus, don't stumble, I got my first wave, it's went for agggesssss, the joy of flying through the waves, I felt strong, I felt powerful, the wave ended and I sobbed. I was taken back about my emotional response, call it adrenaline or pure joy. I was so damn proud of myself. Swallowing salty tears, I started the long paddle back to the break smiling so wide. After the day ended I told the girls of my teary first wave and I was so stunned that some of the others had also shared the same experience. Wow.

I am still in awe how such a physical activity such as surfing can trigger such an emotional response. I explain it as a spiritual experience.. that one. perfect. wave. But hey I'm am just a dreamer I suppose. I believe that happiness comes from 'connection' and this trip blessed me with connection with heart sisters, connection with my passion, and most importantly connection with myself.

Upon my return to Oz, I was explaining to a surfer friend the 'spiritual' surfing journey I had just been on and he said to me knowingly "only a surfer knows the feeling"! So here I am, I guess I am a surfer now... who would have thought!

Memories to name a few.... range from $90 jugs of margaritas, pringles, a few too many vinos on the flight over, sunburn from Gili T snorkelling, surf surf and more surf, sunrise chats in the yoga hut, lost sunglasses, Bagera Melon Smash cocktails by the pool, synchronised swimming, pony rides at sunrise, deep conversations and lots and lots of Bintangs! Forever grateful for this experience.

A big thank you to Angie from Sisterhood of Surf who made it all possible.

Stacey x

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