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Why you need to add Gili T to your trip

Gili T. Gili Trawangan or depending on who you speak to, you may have heard it called the party island. I'm here to tell you that this island has so much to offer whether you are a drinker or not and why this island is my favourite out of the 3 Gili's.

I went to Gili T from Bali which took 90 minutes and left Gili T by fast boat to Lombok which took 8 minutes. Gili T has no cars and the only way to get around is by foot, bike, electric scooters or horse carriage. You can ride the whole island in under an hour and there is so many amazing food and drink places.

I stayed at Lumi, which I recommend. The location is on the side of the best sunsets, which is only a 15 minute bike ride to the main area of the harbor. Great location, great pool, great staff, great push bikes, best bean bags for the sunset spot. The room I stayed in was okay, it wasn't amazing, but that is because I chose the budget one knowing I would be out all the time. I also liked the look of Pearl Gili T.

So if you want to drink at Gili T, you can drink. But that doesn't mean you have to and that doesn't mean there are parties going on that keep you awake. Closer to town there are pubs, bars and clubs. So, if you want quieter, go near Lumi location. You will also get asked if you want mushrooms. If you dont want, simply say no and the locals will leave you alone. Laugh it off and try not to be offended, it's an island holiday.

So what is there to do at Gili T

- Snorkeling

- Surfing

-Bike the whole island

- Sunset watching

- Horse riding

- Cooking with locals

- Fresh Seafood Markets

- Shop local markets

- Get a massage

- Watch a movie on the big screen of the beach

- Subwinging

- Food and drinks galore

- Chill at the beach or your accomodation

Watch my YouTube video to get a good idea of exactly why I love this space.

I would love to know your GILI thoughts.

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