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7 Salty Sunkissed Reasons you should book that solo trip

1. Life is short, hit the surf when you can! 

2. Self confidence boosting gloriousness is a given when you’re solo navigating an adventure trip

3. It’s your way! Wake up when you like, eat when you like, nap when you like, reinvent yourself as many times as you like!

4. Meeting likeminded people is the way to a happy, healthy life girlfriend!

5. You need to make your own stories (without someone else being the main character). Do it now girl! 

6. Reading quotes about having that wanderlust in your soul, ain’t as good as being the one to actually live that life! 

7. Waking up in another place with no  one else to tell you how the day is going to go, is a pure delight! Book that trip.

Love Tahnee x

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