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Canggu not KANGOO

Canggu pronounced Chan gu for my Aussie friends if you call it kangoo the locals will have a laugh. I heard them say to a traveler "Cangooo the kangaroo" 😂

I have been to Canggu many times over the years. When I first came here, it was so quiet. The lawn was actually a patch of land with a combey van and a tight rope. These days it is booming and if I'm being honest I wasn't sure if I wanted to start my trip here with how busy it's become and being solo. However I am so glad I did. I found a quieter end of Canggu, everything was accessible by foot, the surf, the food, the markets, the people.

So I thought I'd share some of my past 4 days if you are thinking of coming here, these might help.


I stayed at the White Goose Boutique Hotel. This location is prime. It is at the quieter end of Canggu with the traffic on the streets. The beach is literally a 2 minute walk and it has a coffee shop next to it that opens at 5:30am for my fellow early risers. Now this place is right next to Finns beach club, which reading reviews there were a lot of ppl who said it was loud. So let me tell you my situation. I stayed in room 106 the deluxe leisure room. It's ground level, aaamazing room and at the far end. I did not hear Finn's in my room. Night 2 I did a sneaky upgrade to the sunset premier room. This is the top floor. I regretted it. The room was beautiful, private pool was nice, view was nice, but the noise.... I felt like I was clubbing with the finns ppl. It was way to loud for my sleep. Soooo... if you stay here, if you like sleep, don't upgrade to this room.

FOOD and Coffee

Nude coffee - next to white goose. The coffee is sooooo good and it opens at 5:30am

Milano - Italian. Good cocktails, good food and it is Infront of white goose. They also do room service if you want a night in

Times beach warung - 15 minute beach walk from accommodation. Next to the lawn. I loved my morning walks here, the Acai bowl was so good and it opens early. Its also a great spot to watch surfers.

La Brisa - prime surf watch view, good for lunch and dinner

Revolver - open breakfast, lunch and dinner. Canggu and Seminyak. Such good coffee and food. I got a Gojek here (I'll talk about why you should do Gojek below)

Sisterfields - in Seminyak. I had to visit cause of the name. Great food, highly recommend.


The good thing about Canggu is everything is at your door step if you want to walk. However if you want to go further I recommend downloading GoJek. It was so easy to set up. It's like Uber but on the scooters with locals. Scooters are the way to go here!! Locals know what they're doing. The app is governed, it's like $2-5 for most trips in the area and they provide helmets. I used this to get to most places.


I found great markets next to La brisa.


I had the most amazing experience at bodywork's spa. A 3 hour package that I created and it was heaven. Book in advance to not miss out.


If you are needing a coach I highly recommend one more wave. They are situated in a good spot for beginners. And if you are more intermediate, there are awesome waves from here all the way up to LaBrisa. I was proud of the waves I caught here, but I wouldn't of done it without my private coach, Jeri, at one stage I was catching the same waves as the pros. YEOW!


So much to choose from. Me personally I loved walking / running the beach then doing my own flow.

But I am on my way to serenity yoga as I write this.

I am also going to check out Nivana. They do mobility classes, yoga and they have a recovery centre (ice bath, sauna etc)


If you have any questions, reach out. I am heading to Uluwatu today. Even though it's my favourite, I have actually decided to come back to the same spot in Canggu to finish my trip.

If you are traveling here, be safe, smile, say hello and learn some basic local language.

Love Angie xx

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