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Podcast Women in the Surf Industry

Wooohoooo! We have just released another episode of Women in the surf industry. I started this podcast originally for international women’s day. However after the conversations I was having I knew I wanted to hear more. Conversations from women all over the world about the waves they are making in their lives through overcoming and giving things a go.

For me personally, I have been wanting to start a podcast for a while now, but kept holding myself back because I didn’t have the perfect software or know how to even create one. So I googled it, spoke to friends who helped me to just get started. And I’ve learnt so much as I’ve done it. Learnt from women,

Learnt I say I LOVE that a lot (I need a shirt), learnt to not film near busy roads, winds. Learnt to make sure I’m saving my edits every 5 minutes just incase my computer tweaks out. But most of all I’ve learnt how you don’t need to be perfect to start and how much I just love these conversations getting out there to inspire more women to chase their dreams and chase those waves.

So let’s do a recap of our episodes.

Episode 1 Justy learning to surf in your 50s

Episode 2 Starting Salted swim and activewear

Episode 3 Ola From Corporate to Starting Xanadu Surf Yoga

Episode 4 Sez making a difference through Surf Proud

Episode 5 Podcast takeover, retreat sisters interview Angie

Episode 6 Real Estate to Surf Product with Sunee Co

Episode 7 Surfing Mums

Episode 8 Sea Fit Therapy How your breath changes everything

Episode 9 Sisters words of Wisdom

Listen now

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